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You Wish You Had This Titanfall Custom Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

...but not half as much as we do!

Titanfall is almost upon us (March 13th on Xbox One, March 28th on Xbox 360) and developers Respawn Entertainment have been getting their hands on some sweet, sweet swag as a reward for getting the game to "gold" status and heading towards manufacturing.

It seems that Microsoft has awarded the development team with an INCREDIBLY pretty looking Titanfall custom Xbox One and controller, as shown below.

The controller is the limited edition one that can be bought in the shops (if you can find it, that is) but that console won't be for sale anytime soon.

Jealous? Us? Never! Well...maybe just a tiny bit...

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AVahne said:

XBone won't be on my buy list anytime soon (gonna get next year's Shield, then will probably upgrade my PC, and maybe get a PS3 and/or 360 once they're both lower than $100-150).



hydeks said:

That's pretty sweet, hopefully we will see some cool limited editions of the X1, just like the 360 had.

Honestly, I would be happy just getting a Xbox one at this point lol I can easily get one at ebgames. ..I just need a lot more cash :-P Till then, I'll keep playing there forza demo lol

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