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Watch_Dogs Has a New Release Date

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Arriving six months later than original date

Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft's open-world hack everything epic, is coming out on May 27th according to a recently released trailer from the company itself.

The trailer (which can be seen below) was spotted by Videogamer through early this morning which clarifies the new release date. Watch_Dogs was supposed to launch alongside the Xbox One on November 22nd but was sadly delayed for "extra polish." The new release date is approximately six months after the original release, which we pray was ample time for Ubisoft to polish the game as much as they needed to.

The WiiU version of Watch_Dogs is not part of the May 27th launch and will be coming out at a later time in the year.


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Gamer83 said:

And at least on PS4 it looks like absolute garbage. I'd guess it's the same for the X1 version but we haven't seen it so can't really comment on that.



hydeks said:

I completely forgot I have this pre-ordered...cause it's taking so long for it to come out -_-

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