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Rumour: Saints Row IV Getting Game of The Century Edition

Posted by Ken Barnes

Outed by Amazon Germany

The guys and gals over at have posted a listing for a new Saints Row IV bundle pack, entitled the "Game of The Century Edition."

Retailing for EUR 29.99, the pack contains the main game, as well as every single piece of DLC that's been released for the game. Yes, that includes all those pieces of DLC that you can "only" get when you purchase certain items, such as the Brady Games Pack. The full list is as follows:-

Commander-in-Chief Pack
Online Pass
Volition Comics Pack
Saints Row IV Season Pass
The Rectifier
Executive Privilege Pack
Brady Games Pack
Grass Roots Pack
Presidential Pack
Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack
Wild West Pack
GAT V Pack
Enter The Dominatrix
The Super Saints Pack
Pirate's Booty Pack
Thank You Pack
Element of Destruction Pack
Zinyak Attack Pack
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? Pack
How the Saints Save Christmas
Anime Pack
Stone Age Pack
Bling Bling Pack
Reverse Cosplay Pack
GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge
Game On
College Daze
Merica Gun

If that little lot doesn't do it for you, then you probably weren't ever going to pick up Saints Row IV anyway, to be fair. There's no word of a Europe-wide or American release as yet, but that announcement is surely not far off with the pack apparently launching on May 9th in Germany.


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Gamer83 said:

Great game, anybody who hasn't picked it up, this bundle would definitely be worth it.

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