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New Revealed Plans for Xbox One's Reputation System

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

How to stay in the green

Microsoft has revealed a more detailed report on how Xbox One's community-powered reputation system will affect gamers and their ability to play online.

Back before the Xbox One was released, the new reputation system was touched upon in regards to labelling gamertags with a green, orange, or red level — which is directly related to how fairly you play with others online. Your reputation level will fluctuate based on whether other players have reported you as abusive either through foul language or inappropriate foul play in games, like cheating. Through a post over at Xbox Wire, we now have a concrete explanation as to what each of these levels actually mean.

  • Green = "Good Player"
  • Orange = "Needs Work"
  • Red = "Avoid Me"

Microsoft has ensured that most players will fall into the green category, and that they will be issuing rewards to players for their good behaviour. Exactly what these rewards entail have yet to be revealed. Warning notifications will be going out to certain players if they are in the orange level, encouraging them of changing their habits if they ever want to get back into the green. Finally, the red level is of course the worst, with actual penalties instilled on the player. Matchmaking will have a negative effect as you'll be playing with others at the same "bad" level as you are, and certain privileges like Twitch and broadcasting won't be allowed.

Microsoft is using an algorithm that can adjust for any false reports from people that may intentionally report negative behaviour on someone just because they might be better than they are or for other spiteful excuses.

We have to say that we are absolutely 100% behind the new reputation level system. It feels good knowing that people who want to play fairly will always be paired with like-minded players, ensuring a safe and friendly online experience for everyone.


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DRL said:

I hope this can be executed as effectively and fairly as Microsoft has suggested. When I was really good at Halo 3, other players knocked my reputation down like crazy. People liked to assume that I was cheating — which, of course, was never the case. Hopefully this "algorithm" can truly detect those unfair reports.



kensredemption said:

Interesting...well, at least the color-coded system won't make me as OCD as the percentage system. Ha ha ha.

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