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Microsoft Unveils Kinect v2 for Windows

Posted by Ken Barnes

Identical to Xbox One version

Microsoft has announced that they'll be releasing the Xbox One's shiny Kinect sensor - Kinect v2 - for Windows platforms.

The new sensor will be pretty much identical to the Xbox One edition, albeit not featuring the Xbox One logo. Also, an external power supply will be thrown in. The sensor is connected via the "Kinect Hub" which contains the power connector, a cable running to the sensor itself, and a USB 3.0 output to connect the whole kaboodle to your PC.

No word has been released regarding the final launch date or pricing as yet, but we're sure that those details will be available soon.


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SuperKMx said:

@SunnyShores Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to, due to the difference in how the thing is powered. You might just be able to buy the "Kinect Hub" and cables though, and plug your Xbox One Kinect in to it. Not sure.

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