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Microsoft Has No Plans on Raising Xbox One Price in Canada

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

But the PS4 price has gone up $50

Some strange bit of news came out today about the price of the PlayStation 4, specifically in Canada. Effective immediately, the PS4's price increased by $50, now landing it at a more expensive $449. This has caused some Canadian Xbox fans to wonder if the same thing will happen to the Xbox One.

Thankfully, a Microsoft spokesperson said the company has no plans to do so in the country. This means that the price difference between the PS4 and X1 has narrowed significantly. For those that are wondering why Sony's console has suddenly gone up in price need only to look at the Canadian dollar and its economic influence in the last few months. The current exchange rate between the Canadian and American dollar is $0.90, which does fit in to the decision to increase the price.

There are even some early rumblings that the price increase might have something to do with the popularity and scarcity of Sony's new console. If we were to choose a side however, we would probably bet on the former.

It isn't just the consoles going up, certain retail games like South Park: The Stick of Truth and upcoming PS4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son have also seen a change from the standard $59.99 to $64.99 or $69.99. On the plus side, digital games have not been impacted.

So Canadian gamers, what are your thoughts on the sudden price increase for the PS4? Were you thinking of buying one, or has this made you change your mind? Do you think its fair for changes like this to happen?

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I gave a big FU to Sony for upping the price. I am glad that I chose Xbox One on Launch day. Looks like there is no PS4 in my near future and it doesn't bother me at all!



hydeks said:

Yay I noticed the $50 PS4 price hike to $450, and as a Canadian, I think it's complete bullsh*t! I wasn't interested in PS4 to begin with, but making the price of the PS4 go up in Canada is a VERY VERY bad move by Sony, and I noticed my friends that wanted one, are now seeing the Xbox One as a better value.. So now you get the new Kinect and Titanfall for only $50 more, so I guess that means the Xbox One is actually a better value...if your Canadian :-P lol

Ohh, and Sony gets worse: Infamous Second Son their trying to sell for $69.99, while most games are only going up $5 (South Park Stick of Truth was one the first to go to $64.99) and lots of great games still stay at the $59.99, like Titanfall. Soooo....Microsoft cares about their Canadian gamers while Sony has become the money hungry b@sterds...



Vincent294 said:

Well, a win for Microsoft there. People have a right to be ticked off about that. Finally, Microsoft has made an intelligent decision on consumer relations reversals aside. Some of the ads are so pompous & even ironic. "Xbox One has the best games" (shows one of the biggest disappointments for it when there are great titles available)



Gamer83 said:

Sony has made a string of stupid decisions lately. Hopefully somebody over there wakes the hell up soon.

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