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Forza 5 Gets DLC Change, New Free Add-on On The Way

Posted by Ken Barnes

Improvements all round

Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn 10 Studios, has taken to Xbox Wire to share some news about changes to the much-maligned way in which Forza Motorsport 5 handles DLC purchases.

Formerly - and somewhat ridiculously - if you purchased (with real money) a DLC pack or car online, you weren't buying the car for use in your game. Instead, you were purchasing the opportunity to purchase the car for use in your game. Sounds ridiculous, huh? It was. Fork over a couple of pounds to unlock a Ford F150, and you'd then have to fork over a few hundred thousand in-game credits to add it to your garage.

Well, that is no more. From now on, if you buy a car pack or individual car (or the season pass) as DLC, you instantly get the verhicle(s) added to your garage in-game.

That gets a round of applause from us.

On top of that, Greenawalt confirmed that a FREE add-on will be coming to Forza 5 that he thinks gamers are going to love. No details have been confirmed so far, but they're due to be announced next week. We'll bring you all the info as it emerges.


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Dawntracker said:

About time they sorted that. I never understood why you should "pay" twice for a car :/

Race on!

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