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Murdered: Soul Suspect Flees Onto Xbox One

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Xbox 360 version still on the way

New console beginnings can always be a little shaky when it comes to new games being released on a more regular basis; So it's only natural to see a few last-gen games making the leap to next-gen territory. Following in the steps of Assassin's Creed, Battlefield and Tomb Raider, Airtight Games supernatural thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect, will now be making its way onto Xbox One sometime in 2014.

The Xbox 360 version has a date slated for June but nothing concrete has been said about the Xbox One version. However, we speculate that we wouldn't have to wait that much longer. Naturally, the Xbox One version will boast higher "visual fidelity via native 1080p output" and better particle effects, making for a more "immersive ghost world."

The game follows detective Ronan O' Connor, who is murdered on the job, where his spirit is subsequently taken to a shadow world known as Dusk. His mission is to not only find the person responsible, but to find out why he was killed in the first place.

Some fresh new screens and trailer are available for the taking.

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Generik said:

I watched a video that Major Nelson posted recently regarding this game with some developer interviews, etc. I'm intrigued in some ways and in others think this game is going to be pretty bad. Some of it reminded me of a supernatural LA Noir which could be very cool.

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