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You Have to Check Out This NES-inspired Xbox One Controller

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

If only we could buy one

Wishing your Xbox One controller had a little more of a Nintendo flair to it? Yeah, we didn't think so either but after looking at this amazing paint job, it's pretty hard to look at our controllers the same way.

Heavily inspired by Nintendo's classic NES system, reddit user alechere gave their Xbox One controller a whole new makeover that looks absolutely stunning. Even though something like this will never see the light of day at retailers, it does make us wonder when we can expect to see some fresh new colours for our new favourite machine.

Currently, Microsoft is only selling their controller in plain ol' black while lucky Microsoft employees were treated to a shiny limited edition white one.

It's been announced that Titanfall will be getting an exclusive controller come March, but what other colours would you like to see in the future?


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Generik said:

That's definitely pretty sweet looking. I personally am almost definitely going to pick up one of the Titanfall controllers.

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