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Journey Back to Rapture With This 'Burial at Sea - Episode Two' Preview

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Seaing old faces

Keep your arms and legs inside the bathysphere when descending please — you wouldn't want to get spliced. The fine folks at Irrational Games revealed quite the tease today in the form of an enticing preview for the second part to Burial at Sea, the story-based DLC counterpart to BioShock Infinite.

Before clicking on the video below, it would be wise to know beforehand that the clip is laden with spoilers. If you haven't played episode one or even the original BioShock for that matter, "would you kindly" stay away until you've done so? It does seem however, that episode two will put the emphasis squarely on Elizabeth rather than protagonist, Booker Dewitt.

Both DLC episodes are a part of the BioShock Infinite Season Pass as is the combat-focused Clash in the Clouds add-on. Burial at Sea Episode Two will be the final bit of DLC for the acclaimed game.

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