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What Games Are You Playing This Weekend - Issue Seven

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Gaming overload incoming

It's that time again. Time for us to let you glance into the ultra exciting, luxurious lives of the Pure Xbox staff, as we've prepared a preview of our weekend gaming schedules just for you. But of course, since we're doing such a noble thing for our readers, we expect the same to be done for us. That means, when you're done sifting through our written word, you should head to the comments below and share what games are on your agenda. With many people beginning their holiday vacations today, a few must-play games releasing this week, and those deep backlogs that have been rapidly growing all year, there should be no shortage of gaming indulgences to tell about.

So in the interest of not wasting any more of your precious time, here's what we're playing this weekend.

Ken Barnes

This weekend, I'll be continuing to make voxel-style shiny snow with Resogun and I think it may be time to fire up a Nintendo console once more and really get into Super Mario 3D World. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a chance to finally start The Wonderful 101 as well while I'm at it. Aside from that, Peggle 2 will be getting some love, and over the festive period, I'll be aiming to start and finish Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as well. Even if I don't get any presents, it'll be a cracking Christmas!

Dave Letcavage

This is my favorite time of the year. Not just for holiday reasons, but because every year I take a complete break from the rest of the world, hide away at home with my wife, and play tons of video games. There’s surely no shortage of options either. NES Remix, The Walking Dead, 3D Streets of Rage, and Runner 2 for Vita are at the top of the list, and that's just this week's releases! On top of those, I’m currently 4-hours into Metroid Prime: Hunters and I’m hoping to start Metroid Fusion. I'm also needing to finish The Wonderful 101. Seriously, it’s about to be gaming madness at my place. That’s not even counting whatever games I’m sure to get for Christmas. So, by the time you read this, imagine I’m in my living room with a cold beer and the world’s biggest pizza, surrounded by stacks of video games – imagine pure bliss.

Anthony Bacchus

Besides drinking endless cups of eggnog this weekend, I'll finally have the chance to start The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Nintendo games are always great fun with the family during the Christmas holidays, and this one isn't going to be any different with Super Mario 3D World. The game is just to darn fun to pass up for some quality multiplayer action with the family. Outside of the realm of Nintendo, my girlfriend (who doesn't play a ton of games), seems to be drawn into the story of Beyond: Two Souls. She says she's into the story but we all know it's because Ellen Page.

On Xbox One, Peggle 2 has been sitting on the HD just waiting for me to boot it up so I may give that a shot if I have some time.

Josephine Johnson

This weekend I will be rocking the party games with my friends as we are having our Christmas party on Sunday night. Obviously we'll be playing Rock Band 3 (because there can be no drinking which does not result in me singing) and I'll be convincing people to bust some moves on Dance Central. Prior to this assault on my neighbours I'll be mopping up the last few challenges on Peggle 2 and working towards the Christmas Slay achievement in Dead Rising 3's co-op mode.

Mike Zatorski

This weekend starts my 2 week vacation dedicated to gaming. I’ll be playing them all, but more than likely I’ll be trying to finish up Forza 5 and Need For Speed: Rivals first, since I’m almost completely done with them. There’s just something about Rivals' Overwatch mode that is so enticing. After that it’s onto sports, kicking off with Madden 25, NBA 2K14 and NBA Live 14. If those get boring, I’ll move onto some Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag since I’ve yet to obtain 100% completion or give Freedom Cry a run. If all else fails, it’s onto some Battlefield 4 with the China Rising pack.

Greg Giddens

Damn it Peggle 2! You've invaded my life yet again with your bright orange pegs, ridiculously cute and wondrous characters sporting amazing abilities, and that compelling mix of skill and luck that you so beautifully balance to keep me hooked. I think I love you, Peggle 2, or perhaps I just hate myself and constructive time-management. Either way I can't stop playing you. You've launched your way into my orange heart, electrified my blue soul, frozen my stare, and added magical unicorns to my dreams. You bastard!

Now it's your turn to type words below, preferably in the form of sentences. If you don't like sentences, that's cool, notes are also acceptable. Just answer this: what games are YOU playing this weekend?!!

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Tasuki said:

Going to be playing A LInk Between Worlds on the 3DS and Hearthstone on the PC this weekend.



Gamer83 said:

Second playthrough of A Link Between Worlds and may finally be getting a Wii U because of Super Mario 3D World. It's been a while, but I'm finally excited about Nintendo games again.



Gamer83 said:


Nice, I picked that up in mid-Nov. and was pleasantly surprised with it. Thought it would just be a end-of the generation cash-in, and it kind of was, but still a very good game and worth playing for the story. I think it might actually have the best story of the Arkham trilogy.



jordanmarsden said:

This weekend is a Mario 3D World weekend, with a bit of A Link Between Worlds. Once those Twp games are polished off, I'm finally playing some Skyward Sword (two years too late) and Assassin's Creed 2. I'm not a big AC fan, but I feel like I should play all of the previous generation's big games before the floodgates open on Xbox One.



Vincent294 said:

Wow. This site's really grown. For me, Minecraft, Bit Trip Saga, VVVVVV, & Scribblenauts Unlimited have occupied my weekend. Belated, but might as well contribute.

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