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Ubisoft's Shows Snowdrop Engine

Posted by Mike Zatorski


Ubisoft has released a trailer showcasing the new Snowdrop engine that will be used in upcoming tactical shooter Tom Clancy's The Division.

The video covers some of what the new engine is capable of such as real time of day effects, showing the various changes in shadow and lighting from sunrise to sunset. It also touches bases on "Dynamic Global Illumination" which comes into play if a lightsource changes in any way. For example, if a light fell down and started hanging, it would cast its light on the adjacent wall and move as it swings. There's also "Procedural Destruction" which more or less just shows that everything is destructible, but broken down to very detailed algorithms, meaning one shot through a windshield will not necessarily bust out the entire windshield as you'd expect from other games of the type. Instead, you will have to pick apart the environment as you go on.

You can check out the full video below. We're hyped for this one!

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kensredemption said:

It makes me wonder what kinds of engines developers could come up with if they didn't release games every year and just focused strictly on quality. I remember a time when shooters and RPGs weren't released on a monthly basis.

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