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Out This Week: December 17th (North America)

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Hello, Clementine!

So you're browsing your local retailer's Xbox One and Xbox 360 section and have no idea what new games were released this week. No one seems willing to help and you feel alone and scared. Surely, there must be a way — an easy way — to get the info on the latest releases. Rest your worried head young Spartan, because at pX we got you covered on what's hitting retail stores and the Games Store.

We won't be seeing anymore retail releases for the remainder of the year on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this week's excellent and anticipated XBLA release from Telltale.

Xbox One Retail

No new releases

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Xbox 360 Games Store

The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1, All That Remains (Telltale Games / $4.99) - It's going to be quite the uphill battle for Telltale to top the first season of their Walking Dead game series. The story picks up right after the events of the last game with Clementine as the main playable character. If you still have your season one (and 400 Days DLC) save file, your choices will have an affect on certain outcomes in season two. We can't wait to dive into this one. Available December 18th

If you have yet to experience the brooding and emotional first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, we can't emphasize enough how important it is to do so before embarking on what is sure to be another exciting five episode arc. In fact, there wouldn't be a more perfect time since the first episode is currently FREE on the Xbox 360 Games Store. In addition to that, the remaining four episodes are discounted a whopping 66%.

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BadWolf09 said:

Played through this one last night. It was an interesting start to the second season, definitely carried over that tense feeling forcing you into multiple uncomfortable decisions and that constant feeling that something is about to jump out at you- can't wait to see where this season goes next!



jordanmarsden said:

Cannot wait to sink my teeth into the new Walking Dead episode. Think I'll save it for my time off over Christmas.

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