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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Announcement Trailer Makes A Mark

Posted by Mike Zatorski


PressPlay has released an updated trailer for the upcoming Xbox Live game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

This is the spiritual successor to the cult classic Max and The Magic Marker that was previously released on Mac/PC, Wii, DS, Windows Phone 7, iOS and on the PlayStation Network a few years back. That game reviewed quite well over at Nintendo Life and Push Square respectively.

Max; The Curse of Brotherhood is a completely different, yet interesting take on 2D platformers, where you use a marker to solve puzzles. The trailer gives you more details, and this one is slated to release in the next month or so exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, it's been stated that the Xbox One version will be more appealing as it'll be running in full 1080P at 60FPS, whereas the Xbox 360 version will be capped at 30FPS. Check out the trailer below:

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