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A Release Date for Fable Anniversary is Here

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Bonus content also detailed

It has been known for a while now that Fable Anniversary — the remake of the original Fable which debuted on the Xbox back in 2004 — would be coming to the Xbox 360 in February, but until today we didn't have any concrete details. Announced via their official website, Lionhead Studios has finally unveiled that the game will release on February 4th in the United States, February 6th in Asia, and February 7th in Europe. Also, bonus content has been listed for first edition copies of the game, which contain a code for launch day outfits and weapons.

These include:

  • Scythe's Outfit
  • Black Graduate Outfit
  • Red Prophet Outfit
  • Blue Guard Outfit
  • Red Guard Outfit
  • Lute Weapon
  • Will User's Sceptre Weapon

Additionally, a 10th Anniversary Lion's Head Avatar Helmet is stated to accompany the other goodies.

Those of you that have already pre-ordered Fable Anniversary are due to receive the bonus content, but anyone else interested should know that supplies are said to be limited to the initial print of the game — so you might want to invest soon if these bonuses are something that tickles your fancy.

With Fable 2 & 3 being exclusive to the Xbox 360, the arrival of Fable Anniversary means fans will finally be able to own the entire trilogy for the same console. Are you going to be playing this classic for the first time, or are you one of the many looking to revisit fantastic memories in a refreshed manner?


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Generik said:

I'm probably going to be the only one amused by the 'Untied' States that slipped by the spell checker. Unless of course that's accurate and only Hawaii and Alaska are getting this released on Feb 4th. :-P



DRL said:

@Generik — Had a good laugh over that one! Can my excuse be that I haven't ingested enough caffeine yet today? Yeah, I'm gonna stick with that.

Corrected now, good sir. :)



shingi_70 said:

I'm going to pick this up on Day 1. The 2nd and third game are two of my favorite on the Platform and one of the few WRPG series I could get into. I owned the first game after downloading the xbox classic version to my 360 but I usually only get halfway through.

Febeuaury should be a good month for RPG fans between this and Braverly Default.



Generik said:

@DRL I blame caffeine deficiency for various things almost every day.. so I'm perfectly fine with that excuse. I was amused to realize that I'm 38 and don't think I've ever seen united replaced with untied before and it immediately conjured an image of states floating away from each other.



jordanmarsden said:

Not even the free copy of Fable 3 that Microsoft gave out managed to lure me in, so unfortunately I doubt this will have much success either.

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