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Xbox One SmartGlass App Now Available

Posted by Mike Zatorski

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone covered.

Today, Microsoft has released the new Xbox One SmartGlass app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone-based devices. There's not much you can do without connecting to an Xbox One, but we've noticed a few details that we'll point out.

On the home screen, you'll have quick access to recent activity, featured items and your pins, which are similar to the Windows 8 operating system. "Friends" allows you to find friends fairly quickly and also has an activity feed for your most recent ones. The Achievements area is something new. First there's a summary, but being that most people haven't played any Xbox One games yet, their summary screen will be empty. The next section in Achievements has something called Featured Challenges.

We're not certain if these are the dynamic achievements Microsoft mentioned or something else, they do however, have a time limit on them and it includes both games and apps, such as for Madden NFL 25. In that game, the "I Was There" challenge just requires you to play a game of football during the two week period after launch. Completing the challenge will unlock Calvin Johnson for your Madden Ultimate Team. Regular apps like Crackle ask you to watch every episode of a show that features horseless carriages, or a show set in a cafe within 30 days in order to unlock an achievement. Unfortunately we are not sure of the amount these achievements are, but they are there nonetheless. Either way, its a nice way of getting more than fifteen people to use Crackle, we guess.

There's also a section solely for your pins for quick access, and also the ability to use messaging. You can now send and reply to messages on Xbox Live through the SmartGlass app instead of just via your console or the website.There's a profile area that gives you a quick overview of your account, showing your friends and followers, along with direct access to your game clips that you recorded. The search functionality of Windows 8 has also been included, allowing you to find whatever you want with ease.

The Xbox One SmartGlass App is available now, via the usual means.

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FullbringIchigo said:

yeah i gave it a go (even though i don't have a XB1) and i have to say it's better than the 360 smartglass app that's for sure, faster too

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