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UK Xbox One Demand Drives Insane Prices

Posted by Ken Barnes

You'd better believe it.

The demand for the Xbox One in the UK continues to be high, with retailers not currently able to get their hands on stock. This was to be expected, of course.

What we didn't expect though, was for a major high street chain to be offering some of the deals that they are. As it stands, CEX (Computer Exchange) will gladly sell you a second-hand Xbox One for £575.00, just a mere £145.01 above the actual retail price of the device. Even better than that, if you're not having fun with your Xbox One console, you can trade it in with them for £485.00, making yourself a tidy £55.01 profit on the retail price while you're at it.

At the time of writing, the company has some 306 units in stock across all of its stores, so if you're really desperate and you don't want to spend a bazillion dollars for one on eBay, you can pick one up there. The company also has over 500 PlayStation 4's in stock, one day after launch, meaning that there are more than likely an entire bunch of profit-happy bandits who ordered a stack of consoles and then ran across the road to CEX to trade them in.

If you don't have a conscience, then we imagine that would be exactly the sort of thing that you'd do.

Photo credit: Chris Brandrick

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