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Round Up: Killer Instinct Lands Solid Reviews

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Guess you could call it an ultra comeback

Another game that is earning a healthy amount of praise on the review front is Killer Instinct. Out of the 19 reviews currently factored on Metacritic, the general consensus is that developer Double Helix has brought the series back from the dead in commendable fashion, with the only major downfall of the package being the lack of content at launch — new modes and characters will be added in the future. The game holds a 73 Metascore, which obviously isn't as high as it could've been had there been more content from the get-go, but we're sure fans will be happy to know that the combat and core mechanics are as tight as ever.

We've compiled review highlights for you to peruse below.

IGN - 8.4/10

Not only is its combat system flashy and well thought out, it's well explained too, thanks to its powerful training tools, and what is easily the most complete guide to terminology and tactics ever assembled in a fighting game.

USGamer - 4/5

Killer Instinct may seem little light with only six characters at launch, no lobbies for online play, and no Story mode until March, but the fighting mechanics are top notch. You can't argue with how easy the game is to pick up and play, and you'll have a ton of fun in the process. This is easily one of the best Xbox One launch titles.

Games Radar - 4/5

Excellent mechanics and incredible playability make up for Killer Instinct's shortage of single-player content.

NZGamer - 7.5/10

For now, our recommendation would be that if you're looking for a fighting game that skimps on story and has just a handful of options, but still delivers tournament-ready credentials, look no further. Killer Instinct is making a brash play at the top table and, as far as we can tell, it's got the goods.

EGM - 6.5/10

While I’m still not a fan of Killer Instinct’s dial-a-combo mentality nor its eclectic cast of characters, Double Helix’s efforts to bring the series back from the dead are commendable—and while some mistakes were made along the way, this is probably the most interesting and enjoyable the franchise has ever been.

Who's going to be going head-to-head with their friends in Killer Instinct when the Xbox One arrives this Friday? We know we will be! Also, make sure to check back for our Killer Instinct review in the coming weeks.

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BadWolf09 said:

I HAVE to check this one out- since the moment I heard the iconic ULTRAAAA COMBOOO I was sold



holchasaur said:

@Tasuki There are many other reasons I'm investing in an Xbox One, but if those reasons didn't exist, Killer Instinct would be enough to get me signed up. The combat looks amazing.



theoldman said:

This game looks incredible. The second it was finally revealed at E3 I knew it was going to be great.

But, at the end of the day I think they could have really struck gold by redeveloping another classic game series and pitting them against each other. I mean come on, does KILLER INSTINCT VS PRIMAL RAGE sound amazing to anyone else????

But i suppose that would just be greedy.

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