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Out This Week: November 12th (North America)

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

XCOM stands out as the highlight this week

So you're browsing your local retailer's Xbox 360 section and have no idea what new games were released this week. No one seems willing to help and you feel alone and scared. Surely, there must be a way — an easy way — to get the info on the latest releases. Rest your worried head young Spartan, because at pX we got you covered on what's hitting retail stores and the Games Store.

This is an important week for Sony as it launches the anticipated PlayStation 4 on Friday and we wish all the best to our pals over at Push Square as they cover all the launch games. Our time at pX is coming up next week for the Xbox One, but in the mean time, we still have a handful of games to play before then.

Xbox 360 Retail

Deadfall Adventures (Nordic Games / $49.99) - We previewed this budget title a couple months back and came away fairly impressed. Imagine a first-person Uncharted and you can quickly assume what type of game Deadfall Adventures hopes to be. Available November 15th

DuckTales Remastered (Capcom / $19.99) - WayForward's excellent remake of this NES classic was made available to download on the Xbox Games Store in September, but now it gets a physical, packaged release for a scant $5 more. You can read Dave's review right here if you're undecided. Available November 12th

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / $59.99) - This new re-release of NetherRealm's DC fighter comes with every piece of DLC included since it first came out in April. That means more characters and costumes for the same price as the original. Oddly, this version won't be coming to Xbox One even though its main competitor, the PlayStation 4, will be graced with its viciousness this Friday. Available November 12th

XCOM: Enemy Within (2K Games / $39.99) - Dubbed as a stand-alone expansion for 2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within brings enough of new content to feel like a whole new game. In addition to 30 new maps, there is a new enemy to fight, new abilities, and more. Sounds good to us! Available November 12th

Xbox 360 Games Store

The Bridge (Midnight City / $9.99) - This 2D logic puzzler already makes our brains turn to mush just looking at some of the screen shots. The hand-drawn art style is especially beautiful to look at as you pull your hair out in frustration. Available November 13th

Contrast (Focus Home Interactive / $14.99) - Set in the 1920's and inspired by vaudeville art and noir films, Contrast is shaping up to one of the more unique platform puzzlers we've seen this year. Available November 15th

The PS4 will undoubtedly overshadow all of this week's releases but that shouldn't refrain you from getting in on some good ol' XCOM action. Is anyone going to partake in this week's offerings or will you be lining up early for Sony's new console?

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Deadfall Adventures


DuckTales Remastered


Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition


XCOM: Enemy Within


The Bridge




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User Comments (8)



SuperKMx said:

Contrast looks absolutely brilliant. I'm toying with picking it up on the PS4 on launch day though, mainly so I have something to play other than Killzone :p



Gamer83 said:

Got Injustice pre-ordered and paid for on PS4 and will be downloading Contrast thanks to PS-Plus. Can we expect a Pure Xbox review of any of this week's releases? I appreciate this is an unbiased website so I imagine a few of you will be busy with PS4 as well so no big deal if it's a slow review week.



DRL said:

@Gamer83 Not sure, actually. I was looking to review Injustice, but it hasn't showed. This may be a quiet week for us here as we gear up for Xbox One launch. Next week is gonna be a wild one!



Gamer83 said:


I'm looking forward to the X1 coverage for sure. Should be a fun couple weeks at all 3 websites. PS4 launch, X1 launch and Nintendo is putting out a new Mario and Zelda, those latter two are always exciting even if they aren't releasing alongside new machines.

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