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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox One Release Update

Posted by Mike Zatorski

Only one week.

Previously, we reported that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes would be delayed and not make it in time for the Xbox One launch on November 22nd.

Warner Bros has clarified things to Eurogamer today, and has confirmed that the game will only be delayed in Europe, and just by a week. It will be available on the 29th of November in Europe, and will still be a launch title in North America releasing on the 22nd of November alongside the Xbox One.

LEGO fans can rejoice now, much as we are.


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holchasaur said:

Personally, I find most Lego games to be rather boring - I did enjoy Lego City Undercover on Wii U, however. Even with that said, I'm not sure I can resist all this Marvel goodness. I mean, Lego Stan Lee?!! C'mon. That's reason enough to check it out.



TheZeeMan said:

@DRL I do agree as well, I only play them because I like the puzzles but they get more aggravating than boring especially when you are trying to get the last 5 or so achievements.

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