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Games With Gold Reminder: Iron Brigade

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Another solid freebie

Just a quick heads up for Xbox Live Gold members, but Double Fine's tower defense/third-person shooter, Iron Brigade, has gone free as part of Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion.

Released back in 2011 as Trenched (then later renamed due to a registered trademark conflict), the game generated a positive reception from a number of websites. Iron Brigade will remain as a free digital download until the end of November, so don't forget to grab it if you don't already own it. The game will take up 1.43GB on your hard drive, which shouldn't take too long to download.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this past week that the Games with Gold promotion will be sticking around indefinitely and will be making the jump to Xbox One sometime in 2014.

The program launched in June of this year with Fable III being the first game available for Gold members. Since then, Microsoft has said the feedback has been "overwhelming."

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