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Battlefield 4 Stability and Performance Patch Incoming for Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

Out next week.

Battlefield 4 hit the retail stands for Xbox One alongside the console itself last week, and some users have spotted a few...well, more than a few...issues with the game's multiplayer modes.

For some, the multiplayer side of things has been next to unplayable, with crashes, drop outs, and a nasty bug (that affects the PC version too) where damage from a single bullet is reflected multiple times, resulting in an unfair one-shot kill. DICE has announced that a title update will be heading to Xbox Live at some point in the next week. The patch notes will be released in due course, but for the time being, DICE has only confirmed that the one-shot bug will be squashed, and stability and performance will be the main focus of the patch.

So brace yourself for now. Fixes are a-comin'.

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Generik said:

Having traded my 360 copy of BF4 in for the Xbox One copy, I was completely dismayed, and annoyed, that the game that sold me on early adoption of next gen was basically unplayable. Hopefully this fix comes in soon and makes the game playable again. When I can get into a match it looks gorgeous.

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