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Basketball War Set to Tip Off on Xbox One

Posted by Mike Zatorski

Competition is a good thing, seriously.

EA has also released some more trailers and diaries from their upcoming basketball title, NBA Live 14. Live has been "out of the game" for a few years now, so until we actually play it, take it with a grain of salt. Below is a trailer showing some of the gameplay:

As for the details EA is bringing to the table, we'll first start with controlling the court. They've created something called bounceTek, a dribbling system, which allows for complete, organic control and authentic responsiveness. You can utilize a full suite of dribble moves to unleash ankle-breaking crossovers, hesitations and more. Combined with authentic dribble packages for 50 of the NBA’s top players, as well as signature moves, creates over 1000 new animations bringing the NBA’s brightest stars to life. The goal of bounceTek is to completely separate the ball from the animation in order to create a physics-driven dribbling mechanic where the ball is under the same physical forces seen in the NBA. This mechanic will result in authentic responsiveness as opposed to rigged animations. There is a video showing how the signature styles and moves works with Xbox, which you can view below:

Another new item is CourtQ, which allows usage of live Synergy Sports Technology data. Because of that, NBA LIVE 14 is driven by over 70 player ratings, tendencies, and team stats updated after every single NBA game. NBA LIVE 14 is removing the subjectivity in ratings, ensuring that your game is always in-sync with the real NBA. Play calling, tactics, and playbooks will also be authentic to your real world team’s strategies. You can view the diary below:

There's also the presentation aspect of the game, although not much has been revealed about it besides pumped up crowds, new shoes and colorways, fresh beats and ESPN Presentation. Ultimate Team has also been added as well.

On the other side of the ball, specifically in 2K Sports court, Visual Concepts has created a completely new engine for the new consoles named, Eco-Motion for NBA 2K14. While the video below is specifically a Sony developer diary and makes it seem that it's exclusive, the new engine will also be on Xbox One so there is no need to panic.

The beginning of the basketball wars will commence soon. Who will get the final slam dunk?

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Gamer83 said:

Even before NBA Live was put on the shelf for a few years, 2K was the far better series. I honestly don't think this is going to be much of a competition, at least in terms of quality. I know there's a fair amount of people who missed the Live series though.

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