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2K Tips Off With NBA 2k14 Xbox One Trailer

Posted by Mike Zatorski

Nothin' but net.

2K has released a trailer for the launch of NBA 2K14 to really show what's different with next-gen compared to the current generation. In case you don't want to watch the video, we've broken it all down for you. First, they discuss the history of 2K's NBA games and show the original Dreamcast version of NBA2K compared to this release. They also discuss the eco-motion system as we've previously posted about, but also show the skin textures as well as sweat on the players. Realistic light allowed them to recreate every venue to what they say is 100% accuracy. The lights you see in every arena are all replicated, it's all about the details. 2K also created a digital capture system that allowed them to take 3D models of the majority of NBA players.

Onto the game features. There's a mode called NBA Today which we're familiar with from past releases, although now there is a new item called Daily Zap which actually pulls in video highlights from real games that were played previously, as well as scores around the league and other news. That works in conjunction with the Dynamic Living Roster which reflects your in-game players. If real NBA players not doing well, your in-game players will reflect their real stats, which sounds like it could be quite cool. MyGM mode has returned but rather than just managing your team, you can actually have conversations with players and staff instead.

MyTeam seems to be a revamped mode which allows single player or online tournaments. Beat 5 games and you unlock some special cards to add to your team. MyCareer has also been redesigned and actually has a player-driven narrative experience, unlike the past where everything became repetitive somewhat quickly. 2k mentioned that there are at least 40 hours of this experience within your rookie year. Last, they mention The Park, where up to a 100 of your friends are all in a park and you can play a pick-up game. Miss those days of going to the park court and play a game with your friends? They've brought it back. Oh, the childhood memories. You can watch the video below:

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