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You Won't Be Able to Use Third-Party Headsets on Xbox One at Launch

Posted by Ken Barnes

Adapter delayed.

The Xbox One headset adapter - which you need in order to use any third-party headset with the Xbox One - has been delayed, and won't be available when the console launches.

Now due in 2014, the adapter bridges the gap between Microsoft's proprietary headset jack and your headset of choice. Microsoft's official Xbox One headset will - of course - work just fine without it. The news was leaked by accessories manufacturer Turtle Beach, who issued a press release to confirm that their XO Four and XO Seven headsets would be delayed until the first quarter of 2014, due to the fact that the adapter would not be available until then.

The adapter is required to enable you to use Xbox 360 headsets on the Xbox One as well, just so you know, though the Xbox One Chat Headset is bundled with every Xbox One console, of course.


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mastodona7x said:

It's a good job they did a u-turn on not including a headset then! Why the proprietary jack in a day where even rival companies are all trying to conform to the same standards (mobile chargers spring to mind)...strange move by MS.



SuperKMx said:

@mastodona7x Very strange move, I agree. They're saying that the proprietary jack enables crisper audio and faster data flow. Whether that's the case or not, only time will tell!

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