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Xbox One Will Record Video of Your Achievements

Posted by Ken Barnes

Cool idea.

Xbox Australia product manager Adam Pollington has confirmed a pretty cool new feature that will be available as part of the Xbox One firmware at launch.

In an interview with YouTube user ChampChong, he confirmed that every time you trigger an achievement, your gameplay is recorded. That's in addition to the standard recording made by the console as you play. So, there's the potential to create achievement unlocking highlight reels, or be able to revisit that period of action where you finally picked up that achievement that you've been trying to get for the last five hours. Perfect for the likes of Trials HD.

But that's not all. It seems that "reaction videos" can be recorded by the console too, using Kinect. So you pop an achievement, Kinect records your reaction, and that video gets tied to your achievement. This won't be for all achievements, and in a move designed to appease the tin-foil hat brigade, you will of course have the option as to whether or not you upload or save these videos. To be honest, we can't remember the last time we started screaming and jumping all over the lounge when we picked up an achievement, but I guess we're too old and weathered to understand the draw.

A cool feature, nonetheless.


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Generik said:

I definitely like the idea of the achievement being recorded. I have notifications turned off as I was tired of them popping up while watching Netflix. So I never know when I get an achievement anymore. Maybe the Xbone will have more refined controls for the notifications. Regardless, it will be cool to be able to relive some achievements or show off to a friend.



Anthinator said:

I really like the idea of recorded achievements, not so much for video reactions though.
I can see this feature being used for Achievement guides



FullbringIchigo said:

it's a nice idea i can see people using it for Achievement guides, as for me i would probably use it to show my mates

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