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The Polk Audio N1 SurroundBar Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny

Posted by Ken Barnes

But it looks nice. Sort of.

The Polk Audio N1 SurroundBar that Microsoft have been pimping lately as part of their Xbox One promotional material is now available for preorder in the US, at The bar is set to launch on November 15th, a week before the Xbox One, and supports all manner of devices (including the Xbox 360) - although Microsoft obviously don't want to shout about that, understandably.

The engineers at Polk have been collaborating with the sound designers on Halo titles and Forza Motorsport 5 to create "optimised custom gaming equalizers" that allegedly provide better sound quality for your games. Four "Immersion Modes" (known as "presets" on every other soundbar or speaker system ever) are available. Music and Cinema modes are on hand, as well as "Forza Racer" and "Halo Warrior."

The SurroundBar is available in black or white, and comes complete with onboard Dolby Digital and Polk's own patented SDA Surround Sound Technology and Full Complement Sub Bass Drive Technology, the latter of which negates the need for a subwoofer. If you want to plug a subwoofer in though, the device has a sub output jack.

All sounds good, yeah? It sure does. And the price? $299.95. That probably puts it out of the range of a lot of gamers. But, if you're already looking at the sure-to-be-pricey Thrustmaster and Mad Catz racing wheels to compliment your Forza experience, then you may as well dig deep and go the whole hog, huh?

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