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Project Spark Will Be Free-To-Play For Non-Gold Subscribers

Posted by Ken Barnes

Good work.

Microsoft's Xbox One free-to-play creation studio Project Spark will be free to play for EVERY Xbox One owner, it has been revealed.

The product - which we previewed here - allows users to build and create games, animations, and all manner of other things using nothing but their Xbox One controller. Kinect can be used to do some pretty sweet things with regards to motion capture, and if you fancy taking things a little further, a PC-based app can be downloaded to allow power users to build things even quicker using their mouse and keyboard.

Initially, we expected the product to be free-to-play if you had an Xbox Live Gold subscription - as has been the case with other F2P products on the Xbox platforms - but community manager Mike Lescault has confirmed (via Reddit) that this is not the case. The product will be free to anybody with an Xbox One that's connected to the internet. Additional character and content packs will be available as paid DLC, but you get a heck of a lot of stuff bundled in with the free download.

Microsoft, we doff our caps to you. This is a good move.


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DRL said:

Very smart move. Hopefully this one lives up to its potential.



Generik said:

Very cool! I look forward to checking this out, especially what the community comes up with.

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