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Out This Week: October 29th (North America)

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

With releases this good, who needs next-gen?

So you're browsing your local retailer's Xbox 360 section and have no idea what new games were released this week. No one seems willing to help and you feel alone and scared. Surely, there must be a way — an easy way — to get the info on the latest releases. Rest your worried head young Spartan, because at pX we got you covered on what's hitting retail stores and the Games Store.

Heavy-hitting new entries in the booming Assassin's Creed and Battlefield franchises land hard this week. Some of us here at pX are at a bit of a crossroads though; Play them now, or wait for the undoubtedly better next-gen Xbox One versions?

Xbox 360 Retail

Angry Birds: Star Wars (Activision / $39.99) - The popular iOS game comes to the 360 now with new exclusive levels and Kinect support. Just like the Angry Birds Trilogy (and if you already own it on your iPhone/iPad/Android device), we find it difficult to recommend this title at such a high price point when you can claim it for $1 on the App Store/Play Store. But we suppose if you're a fanatic of everything Angry Birds or if you're itching to use your Kinect, then this might be for you. Available October 29th

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Ubisoft / $59.99) - The sixth game in Ubisoft's stealth action-adventure series is back today with a distinctive pirate themed setting starring new assassin, Edward Kenway. You can read our review right here, where we said "ACIV is the real deal, not to mention a real shot in the arm for a series that was starting to look like something of a one-trick pony to all but the most hardcore fans." Available October 29th

Battlefield 4 (Electronic Arts / $59.99) - It's easy to forget that Battlefield 4 is being released on current consoles, considering that most of the footage we've seen so far of the game have been running on high-end PC's or on next-gen consoles. Despite the obvious graphical downgrade, the 360 version is still worth your time if you can't shell out the dough for the Xbox One version. Available October 29th

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Namco Bandai Games / $39.99) - A videogame adaption of the Disney XD television program, this new new Pac-Man adventure takes our hungry hero and plops him into the third dimension. Available October 29th

WWE 2K14 (2K Sports / $59.99) - If Assassin's, macho soldiers, birds, or a 3D Pac-Man are of no interest to you, you can always spend your time with a new wrasslin' game. Available October 29th

Xbox 360 Games Store

Nothing on XBLA this week.

Another solid selection of new games are out this week but some of us are going to wait for the Xbox One versions of both AC4 and BF4. We understand though that not everyone has our strong willpower or that they may be passing on buying the Xbox One altogether. Let us know by interacting with our poll and/or comment section.

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Angry Birds: Star Wards


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag


Battlefield 4


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures


WWE 2K14


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