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Killer Instinct is Getting a Killer 'Pin Ultimate' Edition

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Pre-order only at Microsoft's online store

When it launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22nd, Killer Instinct has a lot to live up to. Not only is developer Double Helix Games hoping to appease the die hard fans who've been eagerly anticipating a new entry since the original's debut in 1994, but the game is also the launch guinea pig for being the only free-to-play experience and whether the model can survive on consoles.

For the hardcore gamer or for those that just hate free-to-play, it was revealed in August that there would be an Ultra Edition for $39.99 that would include all eight fighters, character accessories, costumes and a copy of the original Killer Instinct. However, Microsoft has announced the new "Pin Ultimate" edition that will cost $20 more and will include a few more goodies.

In collaboration with Penny Arcade, the "Pin Ultimate" edition arrives in a physical Xbox One case and will include two collectable pins, a Jago pin and a Killer Instinct 3D logo pin. The case can be unfolded and propped to look like a pin display for a total of 16 different collectable pins that will eventually be available for fans to obtain. There will be a pin for each fighter in the game as well as "surprise" pins that will be announced sometime in the future.

Even though it comes with a physical box, there is no actual disc inside. Upon opening, there will be a download code for the game and the extra "Ultra Edition" content to be redeemed on your Xbox One. The other bit of sad news is that the "Pin Ultimate" edition will not be found at retailers, only on Microsoft's online store. If you love collectors' editions for games, you may want to act fast on this one.


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Generik said:

I must be missing something.. I don't see how that could possibly be worth an additional $20. 2 collectible pins and a case? ehh.. no thanks.

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