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Your Xbox One Will Support an External HDD...Just Not at Launch

Posted by Ken Barnes

Another feature delayed.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will NOT support external storage when the console launches in November.

The Xbox One comes with a 500GB internal HDD which cannot be replaced, but Microsoft have confirmed that the console's USB 3.0 ports can be used for external storage. The functionality is still being worked on at the moment though, and won't be ready in time for launch. The functionality will be made available via a dashboard update in the future, and it will allow for external devices to be used for game installations and downloads.

In related news, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will not allow users to install games to an external drive. The head of Sony Worldwide Studios - Shuhei Yoshida - was asked whether or not users could install games to their USB devices, and responded with a curt "No." on Twitter.

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moomoo said:

500 GB will probably be enough for most people over the lifetime of the system. Few would likely need that much space before a year passes, so I think this is fine. You've got to have your priorities.



Gamer83 said:

I download a lot of games but for the real big releases I like to go to the store and get physical copies so I'd like to think 500 GB provided by these companies could get me through at least 3 years on both the PS4 and Xbox One.



SuperKMx said:

@moomoo Based on what I've used on my 360, I'd tend to agree. However, my 360 doesn't require mandatory installs of games. I've maybe got 3 games installed on my system.

But then again, there's likely never going to be a time when I've got 500GB of installation data on the drive, as I'd imagine you'll be able to delete stuff you aren't using. Hopefully... :)

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