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Xbox Rewards Gets An Overhaul

Posted by Mike Zatorski

And it's pretty.

For those who are part of the rewards program, the Xbox Rewards website was in the process of an overhaul due to the currency changeover. As it stands, the whole system has been given an overhaul, and you can earn credits much more easily than before. Once you have accumulated 5000 Xbox Rewards credits, they are converted into your local currency and deposited the following month. What has really changed is the number of ways you can earn credits. We'll give you a quick rundown of the new ways in which you can boost your balance:

Complete A Punchcard - Punchcards are virtual cards that get punched when something you do applies to them. At the current time, there is a Map Punchcard available which requires purchase of 5 map packs by 31st October and is rewarded with 5000 credits. A My Movies & TV Punchcard requires 5 purchased or rented movies/TV shows and earns you 3000 credits. The My Apps Punchcard requires a download of a new qualifying app that you haven't previously downloaded, and which you use for 5 hours to earn one punch. When all 5 punches are filled, you earn 1000 credits.

Renewing Your Membership - This is probably one of the easiest ones, simply by renewing your Xbox Live Gold membership, you earn credits. Based on your term, you can earn between 250 and 3000 credits.

Grab A New Game - This is a new reward based on your gaming habits and is a welcomed addition. For every new Xbox 360 disc based retail game (within 30 days of release date) that you play for 10 hours, you will earn 1000 credits. Games on demand, indie games and arcade games do not qualify, unfortunately. Once Xbox One is released, we will probably see games for that system added as well.

Take A Survey - The survey has been around since the beginning, but it's back again. Every month you can take a simple 5-10 question survey and earn 250 credits.

Refer My Friends - Another new feature. For every person you refer who upgrades or signs up for Xbox Live Gold, you get 1000 credits and your referral gets 5000 credits.

Gamerscore - For those that put their heart and soul into obtaining a high Gamerscore, you are better rewarded than previously. Based on your Gamerscore, for every $10 you spend in the new Xbox Games Store, you will receive between 50 and 300 credits. Those with a lower Gamerscore will pick up 50 credits per $10, whereas those with a higher Gamescore will grab 300 credits for spending the same amount, with various stages in between.

VIP Hall of Fame - Last, is the VIP section. This is for the long time members of Xbox Live and is typically sweepstakes-based. The way credits were doles out seemed to be very random in the past, and how the new one will work we are not sure, but hopefully long time members get better odds than someone who has just joined today.

If you have an Xbox Live gold account and have not signed up for Xbox Live Rewards, now is the time to do so. For more information, visit the Xbox Live Rewards site.

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shingi_70 said:

The site looks nice. Has me excited for the inevitable reseign the main site will get once the xbox one launches;



Vincent294 said:

Cool. Hopefully a dashboard update comes for the 360 that removes ads for XBL gold members, & makes the pins system easier to organize.

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