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Xbox One's Upload Studio Will Let You Record Video Commentary

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Video sharing limited to Xbox Live...for now

The Xbox One's DVR functionality is just one of the console's most attractive features packed inside the box, and we at pX are extremely anxious to begin recording our own videos. Just enough to wet our appetites are some bits of info about the fancy recording software built into the Xbox One from Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison, at his talk at the Eurogamer Expo.

A short demonstration of how Upload Studio can go from recording video to sharing that video was shown to the audience. A 45 second clip of Project Spark was captured where it was also revealed that users can record a separate video commentary — thanks to Kinect 2.0 — for the clip that was just recorded. The video commentary was played back during the recorded gameplay in a picture-in-picture view. Once the video has been edited to their satisfaction, users will be able to share their video privately, with friends, or for other Xbox Live users to view.

Announced earlier this week was that video sharing would be limited to just Xbox Live members, at least at launch. Microsoft will let videos be uploaded to popular social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube in 2014.

Upload Studio sounds like a very powerful tool and we can totally see ourselves utilizing it on a regular basis, especially now with the ability to add commentary to our videos. We can see this being used a lot for general guidance if people are looking for help on a specific difficult section in a game, essentially limiting the need to find walkthrough videos scattered across YouTube.


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DRL said:

This is going to be absolutely fantastic. Especially once it's possible to load directly to YouTube.



Knux said:

Once the Youtube update is out, this will probably be very useful.

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