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Xbox One Gets Physical With Xbox Fitness

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Improved Kinect takes things to a new level

It's no secret that Kinect never found the level of success on the Xbox 360 that Nintendo achieved with Wii Motion Plus or Wii Fit; but that's not to say that it didn't earn an audience with its numerous workout-centric offerings like Zumba, Your Shape, and Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure, to name a few.

Well, it looks like Microsoft has big plans to expand upon that audience substantially for next gen.

Today, via the Xbox Wire, it was announced that Xbox Fitness - a new subscription-based service - would find a home on the Xbox One. Xbox Fitness is said to "take the world's most popular fitness videos and make them interactive." With a library of videos from Beachbody's P90X, INSANITY, Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and more, it looks like some big names in fitness have been locked up and should be a major draw for the service.

Using the Kinect technology, your entire workout can be assessed, personalized, and tracked to make sure you're getting a routine that's optimal for you. You can even take part in competitive social challenges, which allow you to "take on your previous scores, challenge your friends to beat your performance and compare with the Xbox Fitness community."

The price of admission appears to be free to Xbox Live Gold members through December 2014, with unlimited access to content. Xbox Fitness is said to launch this holiday.

It would seem that this app could be a very big deal for the Xbox One. How do you guys feel about it? Is this a service that you think you'd use, or would you rather take it to the actual gym? Work out your feelings in the comments down below.


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moomoo said:

This has convinced me to get an Xbox One soon after launch. I'm an avid Insanity user, and this will give me direct feedback through Kinect and access to other Beach Body workouts that would cost over $100 each on their own.

This is a really smart business decision when it comes to getting units out there. To buy all of the individual workouts on their own would cost $450. To someone who's interested in getting in shape, or is already in the process, then this will be incredibly enticing. It also helps that these are world-known work-outs and are known to work. I've lost over 70 pounds through Insanity.

I can't wait to use this.

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