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TGS 2013: Crimson Dragon Locks Down a Price For Day One Release

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Early buyers get in-game bonus

Crimson Dragon, the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon franchise, was already confirmed as a day one launch title for the Xbox One when it releases on November 22nd. And today at TGS, Microsoft finally revealed the price of the download-only rail shooter, and for such a high profile release like this, the asking price of $19.99 doesn't seem too hard to swallow.

For those who purchase the game before December 31st (the last day of the year), an exclusive dragon can be yours. To use in-game, of course. Not a REAL dragon. That would be silly. Awesome. But silly.

An all new trailer, which can be viewed below, was shown at the Tokyo Game Show, where some details about the game's story was hinted at. It seems like a bunch of crazy dragons feel the need to attack the planet, Draco, which was to be a sort of "new beginning" for humanity.

Crimson Dragon will support the new Kinect bundled with the Xbox One but will now include gamepad controls too. Sorry to disappoint those that wanted to flap their arms repeatedly in front of their televisions. Maybe in Crimson Dragon 2?


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shingi_70 said:

Looking forward to this. Even if I don't get an xone at launch i'll be buying it on launch day.



holchasaur said:

Not a REAL dragon?! Dang it.

Anyway, this will be the first game I play on my Xbox One. Can't wait.



Coldheat said:

Seems like a decent enough experience. It will be interesting to see where this $20 price fits in amongst the other digital offerings on next-gen systems.

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