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Sadira Slashes Her Way Into The Killer Instinct Lineup In This New Trailer

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Orchid returns to the fight, as well

Since E3, developer Double Helix has been slowly unveiling the roster of their upcoming Xbox One downloadable fighter, Killer Instinct, through exclusive trailers with the industry's largest publications. This week, GameSpot has the pleasure of showcasing the newest addition to the lineup, the web-slinging Sadira, who also happens to be the studio's first original character-contribution to the franchise.

You can watch Sadira trap Sabrewulf in her all-encompassing web in the trailer below, but make sure to stick around 'til the end to get a first glimpse of the stunning Orchid and her protective feline friend.

If we didn't already suffer from a heavy case of arachnophobia, we sure do now. Eek.


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