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Mega Man Creator Thinks Japan Shouldn't Count Out the Xbox One

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

It isn't game over for the Xbox One in Japan

Microsoft's struggles in the Japanese market aren't a well-kept secret. The impact of the Xbox 360 overseas is ridiculously minimal compared to the machine's dominance in other markets, particularly in North America. It's safe to say that Sony and Nintendo feel confident enough about their home territory and with no major competition from Microsoft until sometime in 2014, both companies can focus their strengths in other major markets.

Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, feels that the people of Japan shouldn't be so quick to rule out Microsoft and the Xbox One. Speaking with IGN, Inafune had this to say about the delayed Xbox One launch in Japan:

"I’m not a first-party person, I’m not part of a first-party company, so this can only be what I’m assuming, but if you look at how big the share of the Japanese market is when it comes to consoles now, it’s continually shrinking, to the point where it’s not even over 10 percent."

"So having Japan be an afterthought – after Europe and North America – as much as I may not like that as a Japanese creator, it makes sense to prioritize the markets that are naturally going to have a larger installed base and larger sales."

"Just because it’s Microsoft...I wouldn’t want to count a company out, even if they haven’t had a great track record. It doesn’t mean they automatically fail the next time."

"[It's] how they’re able to market it and how they’re able to convince gamers that they have the content they want."

Microsoft is making a presence at TGS this year and is showing the new console and a selection of games to Japanese consumers. Microsoft has previously stated that Japan continues to be an area of interest to them and that in regards to the Xbox One, hopes that it doesn't follow the same fate as the 360.

What are your thoughts on this? Can Microsoft make people forget about the 360's unsuccessful run in Japan and make the Xbox One a compelling product?


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Vincent294 said:

Good point. It makes sense. Halo is a great series, & it has the potential to be popular in Japan. That could help the Xbox One succeed.

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