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GAME Offers £40 Trade-In On Upgrades to Xbox One Games

Posted by Ken Barnes

Should make things a touch easier.

If you're UK-based, you'll find that specialist retailer GAME has taken steps to try to make the jump to next-gen a little bit easier for you.

The company has released a statement confirming that if you purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, or FIFA 14 for the Xbox 360, they'll offer you a £40 trade-in value when you upgrade those games to the Xbox One version.

Of course, if you get an Xbox One Day One console, you get FIFA 14 for free, anyway.

The games listed currently have a £49.99 pricepoint on them for Xbox One, so you're essentially paying a £10 levy to play the games earlier than you'd be able to if you waited for the Xbox One to launch. The offer will only be available in-store. Activision have also confirmed that they'll be charging £10 for upgrades to Call of Duty: Ghosts, where you buy the game on the Xbox 360, and get access to a digital copy on Xbox One for that fee.

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Coldheat said:

Was it ever confirmed that it was a Digital copy of Ghosts for XBox One that you receive (rather than a physical disc)?

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