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Fable Anniversary Has Been Pushed Back to February 2014

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

New screenshots and footage coming soon!

Fable Anniversary — not to be mistaken with the recently announced Fable Legends on Xbox One — has been delayed, as described on a blog post from developer Lionhead Studios.

A firm release date hadn't been confirmed but it was said to be coming out "later this year." Those launch plans have now been scrapped and pushed back to early next year so that Lionhead has more time to polish the game and to release the "best game possible."

To help ease the sadness from the disappointing news, the development team will have new screenshots, gameplay footage and more to show in the next few weeks.

We're happy that Lionhead is taking the extra time to polish what is shaping up to be more than just your typical high definition remake. Frankly, the decision to delay the project could end up being smart in the long run, what with — oh y'know — TWO next-gen consoles coming out this November. Just our thoughts.

Fable Anniversary will be out in stores as well as the Xbox 360 Games Store.


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Gamer83 said:

Wow, this is actually good news to me, I was going to skip the game because of how crowded the fall is, but it's possible by Feb. I'll have the money to buy it and the time to invest in it that the game deserves. Still holding out for a Halo 2 Anniversary as well.



Knux said:

I've never heard of a remake being delayed before, so Lionhead must be planning something special with Fable Anniversary! I can't wait for February! :D

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