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Xbox One Controller is Wired and Wireless In One

Posted by Ken Barnes

Good news for FPS fans

As we all know, FPS fans prefer the slightly lower lag times that can be found by using a wired controller. For most of us, the wireless standard is just fine, but when the difference between life and death is just a tenth of a second away, having a slightly quicker response time from your controller can make all the difference.

Microsoft's Graeme Boyd (AceyBongos) has been talking to the controller's lead designer, Quintin Morris, who has confirmed that the standard controller found in the Xbox One box works as BOTH a wireless and wired device. Untethered, the device functions using wireless technology. Plug in the USB cable, and all of the controller data is then being transferred to the console via that cable. With the Xbox 360, this wasn't the case. You plugged your cable in, and the cable was used for charging, while wireless was still being used for the controller data, meaning response times didn't change.

This is a good move, for sure, and you can check out the full interview, which takes an in-depth look at the new controller, below.

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Gamer83 said:

Very nice. The 360 controller is my favorite, ever, in over 20 years of gaming going back to the NES. The d-pad was the only issue I had with the original design but that has been fixed in recent years.. The fact MS just took the basic design and tweaked it a bit for X1 is great. I can't wait to finally try it out.



SuperKMx said:

@Gamer83 That brings up a good point, actually. What IS the best controller of all time? I think I'd go with the Dual Shock 2, if I'm honest, probably followed by the 360, and then the Dreamcast. Anyone who doesn't have giant hands like me hated the Dreamcast controller, but I loved it



Gamer83 said:


For me, it'd go 360, DualShock 3, DS2, SNES, Dreamcast top 5 in that order. I don't have giant hands but still liked the DC controller. Needed a second analog stick though.



holchasaur said:

@Gamer83 - The lack of a 2nd joystick is the one problem I have when going back to the Dreamcast controller. It's not an actual issue, but it feels like it's supposed to be there. Too accustom to modern times, I guess.



Anthinator said:

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the GameCube controller. Aside from the awkward placement of the Z button, I LOVED that controller



Gamer83 said:


Much like everything else about the Gamecube, I hated the controller with a passion. It just felt so cheap and pathetic compared to the Dualshock2. I did like the Wavebird though, from a technical standpoint anyway, it was the first controller I remember using that actually had good wireless tech.

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