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Tropico 5 Confirmed for Xbox 360 in 2014

Posted by Ken Barnes

El Presidente to return.

Kalypso has confirmed that Tropico 5 is currently in development at Haemimont Studios, and is headed to the Xbox 360 and other platforms in 2014.

The tropical city-builder sim has been slowly building a following over the last few years, with the third and fourth games in the series drawing critical acclaim. The fifth game promises to allow players to start building their island paradise back in early colonial times, gradually moving with the times as the world turns, attempting to keep control of the populace all the way through until the present day and beyond. El Presidente's family members will be present on the island too, and can be appointed to key leadership positions.

Four player co-operative and competitive multiplayer is also promised, with players being able to build their own cities and economies on any island map. Resources can be shared as you form an uneasy alliance, or you can flat out declare war on your opponents as you seek to remove them from power and establish your dictatorship.

Sounds good to us, and Kalypso have passed on a teaser trailer to whet your appetite.

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