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New Video Shows Why the Xbox One Controller is King

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Better D-Pad, haptic feedback are just some of the enhancements

The next-gen race is heating up and both Microsoft and Sony are only three short months away from launching their successors to the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

Sony seems to be keeping new information about the PS4 rather closely, possibly waiting until Gamescom this month before revealing more details. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced new info on Game DVR and how Xbox Live Gold works within a household. We've seen the first major un-boxing video (subsequently confirming that every Xbox One console ships with a headset), and today a fresh video walks us through many of the improvements that have been implemented into the new controller.

Major Nelson interviews the head of the Xbox accessories business, where we get to see the guts of the beautiful new controller. Over 40 improvements and refinements have been made compared to the 360 controller, and apparently the design has been tinkered with hundreds of times over. We simply can't wait to get our grubby palms on it.


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DRL said:

I'm a believer that this controller is totally going to outshine the 360 controller in every way. So, SO happy the D-pad has been lowered and refined.

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