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Microsoft Replies Back to Sony's Gamescom "Shifting Message" Comment

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Does the bickering stop here?

Not one to lay down with a defeatist attitude, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has responded to Sony's subtle (actually, not really) jab towards the company at Gamescom this Tuesday.

Before solidifying the November 15th release date for the Playstation 4, Sony's Andrew House took the time to comment on Microsoft's "turnarounds" since the initial Xbox One reveal in May. House smugly stated "While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining a message that is fair and in tune with consumer desires."

Eurogamer interviewed Phil Spencer, where he shrugged off the passive comment by remarking that the company's reaction to the negative feedback was actually a "strength."

“The two-way conversation we have with our customers is a strength. Certain people have tried to turn that into something that's a bad thing about what we're trying to do, and I just disagree."

"We built a platform for gamers. Gamers invest their time and their money in the things they want to play, and they're going to invest their time in telling us what they love about the platform, and they're giving us feedback on areas where they have more critical feedback."

“The two-way conversation that we have with gamers is critical. If we weren't able to listen then I don't think we're really creating the ecosystem that means people want to come into the platform.

"Other people will do and say what they're going to say. Fine. We're running our program. That's a strength of who we are."

Mr. Spencer did a fine job defending his company's decision on the somewhat murky, confusing PR Microsoft has had in the past couple months and very cooly, made House's comment look a tad "bully-ish."

Microsoft has drastically changed the Xbox One's image since it was first announced and has done an amazing job on levelling the playing field with the Playstation 4. Spencer goes on to say how they are still determined on bringing their initial "cloud" vision for the Xbox One to players in due time but possibly surmised that the world just wasn't quite ready for it yet.

What do you think about this? Was Andrew House's comment necessary? Was Microsoft's reply expected?


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SuperKMx said:

Agreed, I thought Phil did a good job of not stooping to taking cheap shots. Unlike Sony, who thought that doing that would get them the same response as they got from the braying crowd at E3.

Given that every four seconds during the Sony Gamescom conference, whoever was on stage at the time was waiting for a round of applause and not getting it, you'd have imagined they'd have seen that they weren't about to get another round of standing ovations. But hey. :)



IAmNotWill said:

Lol Phil.

Every big game company listens to their gamers. That doesn't make Microsoft any better than the other guys. And I'm sure it was the numbers that scared them and made them reverse everything. If it really was our voices, they wouldn't have waited till the end of June to change everything. And to be fair, you have to give Sony credit for staying consistent.

Also, those comments from House were anything but "bully-ish." That's just business.

Competition really brings out the best in these guys.



Gamer83 said:

Another website site commenter, I believe it was @Sony_70 posted during the live stream of Sony's show something along the lines of 'to be fair, the PS3 was a series of reversals but it was over 3 years and nearly sank the company,' and he is 100% correct. We can't forget what an utter disaster PS3 was at the beginning, so much so that many of my friends who were diehard PS guys and gals jumped ship and didn't look back. I eventually got a PS3 (and imo it's easily been the best console since 2009) but a lot of people I know were content not to since between 360 and Wii all their gaming needs were covered. So, as they say, those who live in glass homes shouldn't throw stones. Also, I'm not convinced Sony wasn't going to go down the same route as MS tried to, I'm glad it didn't, but lets face it, Sony had the advantage of learning MS' plans and seeing the reaction before announcing what was going to happen with the PS4 regarding all these 'policies.' I also find these constant cheap shots to be utterly ridiculous and it's one thing I've always appreciated about Nintendo, it just goes about its business and lets the games speak for themselves. Sony had to take that shot though, it was the biggest one it could fire because frankly, on the game front, PS4 aint got sh*t compared to Xbox One unless you're an indie lover and don't care about big budget games. If it wasn't for the price difference I'd be switching my pre-order since MS has reversed course on other stuff. I wish Sony's fanboys would call the company on this, but they're brainwashed and will defend Sony on anything. I remember a large number of PS fans on youtube suggest Sony wasn't at fault for anything that happened during the 2011 hack that took down PSN. I'm actually a PlayStation guy more than anything but when I see bs, I'm going to mention it and what I saw for PS4 at Gamescom was total bs.



FullbringIchigo said:

@Gamer83 sad thing is that all the consoles not just the PlayStation but MS and Nintendo too have all these die hard fanboys who just argue for the sake of it

to be honest the console brand itself isn't really that important weather you play on xbox, playstation, nintendo or even pc what's most important is that you have fun doing it

why someone can become so attached to a plastic box (and that's all it is really) that they have to belittle, make fun of and even physically hurt people who use the others is beyond me

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