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LocoCycle Locked In For Xbox One Launch

Posted by Ken Barnes

$20 to you.

Twisted Pixel's next title LocoCycle has been double-confirmed as an Xbox One launch release.

A digital-only title, LocoCycle looks like it has all the makings of a pretty memorable game. You play as the sentient motorcycle I.R.I.S., which can jump and kick enemies. I.R.I.S. also has a mechanic named Pablo clinging on for dear life at all times, and he can be used as a weapon too.

The game will set you back a cool $19.99 if you decide to take the plunge on day one, with regional pricing to be determined. We've grabbed the latest screenshots so you can get a feel for the game a little, and we'll bring you a full review just as soon as the game is available.

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Gamer83 said:

Is this still scheduled for 360 as well? I can hold off until I eventually get an Xbox One if I have to but this is a game that's been on my radar since it was announced and if it's still set for 360 I'm going to grab that version as soon as it's available.



SuperKMx said:

@Gamer83 As far as I'm aware, it's not scheduled for 360. I may be wrong, but I've heard nothing about a 360 version since they announced the Xbox One version. I have a feeling they just switched it to the new machine.



SuperKMx said:

@Gamer83 I'm now hearing that the 360 version is still in development, but has no release date. Not usually a good sign, but we'll see what happens!



Gamer83 said:


Well, I appreciate the update. Hopefully they tell us more soon. I'm sure it would still sell well enough on 360 to make it worth it.

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