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Halo 4 Game of The Year Edition Coming in October

Posted by Ken Barnes

More pew pew pew for your money.

Microsoft is set to confirm the final details of a Halo 4 "Game of The Year" edition during this Sunday's Halo Global Championship Finals this coming Sunday.

IGN reports that the new version will cost $50 in the US, and will include the game itself, the first season of Spartan Ops content, a War Games pass, the Champions DLC bundle, and all the content that was exclusive to pre-ordered versions and limited editions of the game. There's no official word on a European release as yet, but we're expecting a similar October launch window with a pricepoint of £29.99 or thereabouts. The full lowdown will be confirmed this weekend.


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Gamer83 said:

I'd imagine most who want this game already got it, but this is still a nice deal for those who held out.

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