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Gamescom 2013: You Won't Be Buying An Xbox One Without a Kinect

Posted by Dave Letcavage

Long-lasting Kinect-ion

At E3, Microsoft was very adamant that the Xbox One wouldn't be able to function without Kinect; though recently, after listening to what the fans were asking for, they changed their stance, and now owners will not need to have the Kinect plugged in for the console to function. With that announcement, many were wondering if the possibility of a lower-cost, Kinect-less Xbox One would also be made available at launch...well, it seems that question has now been answered.

In a recent interview with CVG, Phill Harrison - Corporate VP of Microsoft - very assuredly stated that the Xbox One wouldn't be sold without a Kinect unit. Here's what he had to say:

Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem.

We think this is fantastic news. If every single Xbox One unit comes with a Kinect, it will allow developers to create more substantial experiences knowing that every owner has the option to indulge in their full catalog of offerings at any time. This should also lead to an evolution of the way motion and voice controls are integrated into "core" gaming experiences. Love or hate Kinect, you aren't yet being forced to use it; but it's there if you'd like to. And we don't think that's a bad thing, at all.

What do you think? Are you excited for the full potential of Kinect to be realized, or would you rather have a lower-priced Xbox One at launch? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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Anthinator said:

Yep! The higher the adoption rate, the higher chance devs will utilize the hardware. If Kinect was never bundled, people would see it as nothing more than an accessory. Sonys decision to not include the Eye with the PS4 means the Eye will see a quick death



Tasuki said:

Well it looks like it will be awhile than before I pick up an Xbox One. I can't justify paying for something that I wont use. I think this is a bad move on Microsoft's end. While I don't think they should have not included it like Sony did they could have at least had a Kinectless bundle as well as the bundle with Kinect.



SuperKMx said:

@Tasuki Give people the option to not have Kinect, and the quality of Kinect games will drop. Simple as that. With a bigger installed base, they have more reason to put decent development time into Kinect games.



Why not ask Microsoft to send you the console in a plastic bag. That way you wont be paying for the box you don't really need.



IAmNotWill said:

The Kinect is cool and everything, and I'm not against motion controls or voice command, but $500! That's asking a lot.



TheZeeMan said:

To be honest, the new Kinect bundled is a lot cheaper than when the first Kinect came out. I still remember paying $400 for an elite and that's old technology now.



Tasuki said:

@SuperKMx: But how many sales is MS losing by not having that option?.

@szchifo: That made no sense. You need you are still giving a bag rather than the box to hold everything together. The Kinect is something I wont use and I know I wont. I got the Kinect with my Star Wars Edition 360 and all it does is collect dust.



Gamer83 said:

Well, I have to wait for the first price drop then, the good news is Kinect isn't required which was my biggest concern, it's really just a useless device, imo, and I hate motion control of any sort, from any company. I guess now though, I have to hope the price drops to $400 by the time Halo 5 is out. $400 is as high as I will go for a console, though if they bundle it with a game I might go $450.

While I don't agree with @Tasuki that this is a big mistake, I do agree it could be an issue, I definitely think it's a misstep that will cost MS some early sales. Of course there is the flipside where this decision pays off in the long run with higher quality Kinect games that bring in a larger audience and it helps MS gain more marketshare, certainly could happen. The whole story will be told over the next 6-8 years and should be very interesting.



FullbringIchigo said:

well at least now you don't have to use it if you don't want too, but i can't help but feel that if they did a version without Kinect they would shift more units

i know a lot of people who want a xbox one but not a Kinect and ain't getting one as long as the Kinect is included because it's too expensive

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