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Gamescom 2013: The Division Companion Trailer

Posted by Mike Zatorski

Divided we stand?

Released today was a new trailer of The Division, which specifically shows off the companion gameplay. The idea of it is intriguing, but seeing it actually work is probably better than trying to describe it. The true test is how well it will perform when the game launches, as it looks great with barely anyone playing. For those of you not following this one, The Division, as far as we're aware, is the first Xbox game that will offer real cross-compatibility (not just the Smart Glass benefits) with mobile devices. Whether the mobile devices are just limited to tablets, it is uncertain at this moment, but we expect to hear more soon.

In the trailer, Ubisoft calls the mobile players “companions” and they are represented in the game as a UAV drone. Companions can attack enemy fighters, heal allies, or even buff and debuff friendly and enemy combatants thanks to the mixture of the RPG elements being represented in the game.

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TheZeeMan said:

I think because its a completely new idea it makes it like 10 times better, it's not a rehashed CoD, BF or any other game :)

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