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Xbox One Designed to be Always-On for A Decade

Posted by Ken Barnes

Power companies brace themselves.

Those hard-working folks over at Eurogamer's Digital Foundry have been digging a little deeper into the Xbox One hardware this afternoon, trying to find a few snippets of information that have otherwise been glossed over.

A "highly placed source" at Microsoft has confirmed to them that the Xbox One system was designed with the goal being to create a system that would not only last for 10 years, but that would be able to be switched on for that entire period of time. On top of that, Digital Foundry have done a bit of extrapolation, and worked out that the rough size of the Xbox One base unit is 34x26x8cm - a centimetre taller than the Xbox 360 S. Developers working with the hardware have claimed to Eurogamer that in idle and low-activity states, the system is entirely silent - as you'd hope, really.

You can check out more information over at Eurogamer.


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