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Xbox Live Gold Free Games Offer May Continue Into 2014

Posted by Ken Barnes

Nothing ruled out.

After yesterday's somewhat disappointing announcement regarding the first (well, second) game to be released as a free title as part of Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold Free Games plan, it seems that at least some people at the platform are listening to the criticism.

Jumping into a thread on Reddit, Major Nelson has stated that "anything is possible" in response to a question asking if the service ends in November, or whether it'll carry on past the Xbox One launch. So, we may see the service extend into 2014. It would make sense, really, given that Xbox Live is already viewed as massively inferior in terms of value for money, when compared to PlayStation Plus.

On top of that, it seems that the Major himself is not sure how people began to think that Halo 3 or Assassin's Creed II would be the free titles to kick off the service this month. We'll just leave this here...



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Tasuki said:

What do you mean he doesn't know??? It was posted everywhere on the web that either Halo 3 or AC II was going to be the free game on July 1st. I think they decided to release that aweful game so as not to steal the thunder from their ultimate sale. I mean how could you compare some of those sale prices even though they are good to either a free Halo 3 or AC II?



Gold_Ranger said:

He even said it himself that those were the Games that would be launching the program!

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