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Rumour: Kinect-Free Xbox One Bundles to Launch In 2014

Posted by Ken Barnes

We're surprised the rumour took this long.

Machinima's Inside Gaming Daily is reporting a rumour that Microsoft are planning on launching a Kinect-free Xbox One bundle in the summer of 2014. They even go so far as to suggest that two different bundles will be on the cards. A "standard" bundle, and one that contains a smaller hard drive. The goal of the budget model would be to undercut the PS4's $400 price, retailing for $350 or $375.

There are a billion reasons why this is incredibly unlikely, the first being the requirement to install games on the Xbox One's HDD. Why throw in that requirement, and then lower HDD sizes? Also, where's the benefit of throwing Kinect into the box at launch, and then removing it later? That pretty much guarantees that if any Kinect-only titles suffer from low sales early on in the machine's life, the developer and publisher of such a title have nothing to persuade them down the line that things will be any different with a new game.

Still, Inside Gaming Daily's "anonymous source familiar with the matter" (read: "this could easily be made up out of thin air") seems to think that he or she is on to something, so what do you think? Would it make sense for Microsoft to put all its weight behind Kinect 2.0, only to effectively bail on it less than a year after launch?


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glidem said:

I agree with you Ken, although some people (and analysts!) are willing Microsoft to match or even undercut the PS4 pricing - it will do more harm to the system than good if it cuts out Kinect and uses a much smaller hard drive for the reasons that you explain.

When both systems are launched, I believe Xbox One has the most potential to offer something new and fresh for consoles, while the PS4 seems to be playing it quite safe (which there is nothing wrong with by the way).



hYdeks said:

@glidem agreed, when you read and look at stuff, is PS4's decision to go $100 cheaper and exclude the PS Eye REALLY better than Xbox One's option, in the end? Not really. It took me awhile, but I think Xbox is actually doing the right/ smarter thing, while PS just wants insane amount of sales from naive "hardcore" gamers.

I don't see the Xbox One or PS4 really doing anything potentially new and fresh for consoles with the stagnant controller we've used for YEARS before, but Xbox One seems to be getting the right games, AND giving you everything you need right in the box. PS4 feels like your gonna need to buy the system, than eventually your gonna have to buy that PS Eye eventually anyways.

I also like that Microsoft seems to think Kinect has more potential to give, even though me and alot of other people hate it, there are people out there that love it and it can become something great, if the problems with it are fixed. PS has easily forgotten about their PS Move, which is very sad.



hYdeks said:

Ohh, and on a different topic, Xbox One console at least looks pleasing to the eyes and can easily go with any entertainment center, PS4 is freakin' god awful looking! ><



glidem said:

@hydeks Thanks for your comment

I believe the first Kinect didn't match anyone's expectation, including Microsoft's - however, the updated Kinect technology looks remarkable and as a 'standard' feature, developers could have all kinds of fun taking advantage of it. No, not waving your arms around in the air, but actually mapping your face to use within the game, taking note of your reaction to certain scenes and where you are looking on the screen.

Again potentially... it could be HUGE! - or, it could be pretty under utilised, which would be a great shame.



glidem said:

@hydeks I think for the 'hardcore' gamer, the design of PS4 is probably spot on, but for the living room - not so much



IAmNotWill said:

"Microsoft are planning on launching a Kinect-free Xbox One bundle in the summer of 2013." Shouldn't that say summer of 2014?

If this is true, this would be very beneficial to Microsoft.



Hetsumani said:

Of course they won't take out the kinect, that's like expecting Nintendo to drop the gamepad.



Vincent294 said:

At least get rid of the 24/7 on requirement for it. Being able to fully turn it off would be nice aside from disabling it partially when the system's off. This is a hard-to-believe rumor.



Gamer83 said:

If I could get an Xbox One with a 500GB harddrive and no Kinect that would definitely be tough to pass up. I'd still go with PS4 first but it would make the choice between Wii U or Xbox One as my second system much more difficult. And lets be honest, the Kinect is pretty garbage anyway. The Call of Duty, Madden or Halo player isn't going to miss it and those are MS' main audiences.

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